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Environmental Benefits

Alpine wood burning stoves are becoming better in an environmental sense due to no small part of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere being the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth.

It is also a renewable fuel source; this is most effectively so when wood is taken from cultivated woodland. When using your alpine wood burning stove, for the best results, we recommend logs that have been seasoned for 2 years or more. This will give you up to twice the output of freshly chopped timber and help prevent a build-up of tar in your alpine wood burning stoves flue.

Burning wood with advanced Alpine wood burning stoves, a stove that is CE certified makes the flames big and colourful; this makes a huge difference form the dark, ragged flames you would get in an open fireplace.

Not only do the advanced modern alpine wood burning stoves burn much cleaner and more efficiently than older conventional stoves, but the view of the flames are better to boot!

These are some of the benefits of upgrading to CE certified Alpine wood burning stoves, you can save wood (fuel), reduce smoke pollution and enjoy a great view all winter.

Carbon Benefits

The Forestry Commission (recognized by UK government) have begun steps to plant millions of trees to cover an extra targeted 4% of the UK in forest, this equals up to an estimated 29,000 football pitches, they are going to make this a yearly goal to create an increase of 16% the UK’s total land.

A recent study from the Solid Fuel Technology Institute said that logs are in fact the cheapest form of heating fuel. The cost per KW of fuel is now around 4p (estimate). The comparison is 5p for anthracite, 7p for gas, 8p for oil and 12p for electricity. Therefore Alpine wood burning stoves are a great environmental alternative to regular heating solutions.

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Are Alpine Wood Burning Stoves an Eco Friendly Choice?

Wood as a fuel is an eco-friendly choice in itself. Sustainable, renewable, and if used correctly and cleanly can become a completely carbon neutral way of heating at living space/home. Wood pellet stoves burn pellets made from recycled wood waste or sawdust; don’t be shy to browse our Alpine Stoves collection. However, the flame effect of a pellet stove is not as good as a log-burning stove.

Size of Alpine Stoves

Wood burning stoves from Alpine push out far more heat than a traditional open grate where nearly most of the heat escapes up through the chimney. Heat output is measured in kilowatts and the stove size as well as the type of chimney, flue used and wood burned are all factors that determine how much heat is radiated. If you place an Alpine stove that is too big for the room, the room will become too hot on standard settings. If you attempt to run the stove continuously on a lower setting to reduce heat output, this can cause a build-up of resin. Over time, this increases the risk of a chimney fire.

Where Can Alpine Stoves be Placed?

Alpine stoves need a flue to take the expelled gases out of the room. In a large fireplace opening or inglenook, the stove’s flue pipe rises straight up the chimney, while stoves set in front of a smaller fireplace have a short horizontal flue leading to the chimney opening.
In a contemporary setting Alpine stoves can sit in the room rather than before the chimney, and the flue can be on view, rising straight to the ceiling instead of up the chimney, but beware if you have a young family, the body of the stove gets very hot so wherever you site it, you’ll need a good fireguard. The stove needs to sit on a ‘constructional’ hearth made from concrete, stone, slate or terracotta.

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Savings and Costs of Using a Wood Burning Stove

Stove prices

According to the National Energy Foundation of the United Kingdom. The price varies according to which size stove you require for your room. Growing sales and popularity are helping to drive down prices, with smaller wood and multi fuel stoves starting at around £500. Installing a full wood-heated system can be costly, with prices running into several thousand pounds.

You’ll also need to factor in installation costs, as well as the on-going cost of using wood as fuel. The cost of a pellet stove, including installation, would be around £4,300 and a log stove should be cheaper, at about £2,000.

Costs and savings

Installation can be the main source of the cost; using wood for multifuel stoves could save you hundreds of pounds over electricity or gas however. Wood burners and multifuel stoves are usually standalone features used as a centrepiece in a living room to keep that or more rooms warms, certain models can be attached to a back boiler to heat the water for the home. Also you can buy wood boilers as part of a wood central heating system.

Wood fuel traditionally comes in the form of logs or, for multi-fuel stoves a special type of fuel is needed, wood pellets. Before you buy, check with the manufacturer of the multi fuel which fuels are usable to burn on your chosen stove. If you live in a city area, Wood prices can be higher for these areas, so some people choose multifuel stoves, which burn wood and fossil fuels. Supplementing wood with smokeless fuel while not as environmentally friendly it can keep costs down. In addition, find out if you live in a smoke control area as your stove will need to be approved for use by DEFRA.

Who are Alpine?

Alpine Stoves are a UK brand, the result of years of hard work and extensive research in the wood burning stoves and multi fuel burners industry. We are passionate about wood burning stoves and multi fuel burners and are also extremely proud of our unique range of multi fuel burners and wood burning stoves. The design of Alpine stoves lend themselves to a variety of eye-catching designs, in a time when the internet is becoming overcrowded with cheap looking poor quality cheap wood burning stoves, we took it upon ourselves to create the Alpine collection, a range of economical great quality wood burning stoves and multi fuel burners, so that our stove customers could have a brand of stoves that they could trust, the Alpine stove collection.

The Alpine wood burning stoves and multi fuel burners are handpicked from the best stove manufacturers around the world and are offered to you the customer exclusively as part of the Alpine stoves collection.

Every one of the stoves we provide go through a 100 point quality check to ensure our customers only receive the highest quality stove, the stove also comes with a full warranty backed by Alpine Stoves in the UK. Parts are also available from dealers and we can also provide technical assistance and troubleshooting from our trained experts here in the UK to help with any install or maintenance issues you may have.

The Alpine Stoves brand is a reassurance of quality and value, when you see the Alpine stove mark you know that the stoves adhere with the latest UK safety regulations, they are fully CE certified and they are also backed by UK based stove enthusiasts. The Alpine stoves are available from 5 kilowatt multi fuel burners to 16 kilowatt wood burning stoves. With that there is no longer the need to buy unbranded poor quality and possibly dangerous stoves, buy from a brand you can trust, buy Alpine Stoves and multi fuel burners.

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