About Us

Alpine Stoves are the result of years of work and research in the wood burning stoves industry. We are passionate about stoves and we are extremely proud of our unique range of log burners. In a time when the internet is becoming flooded with poor quality cheap wood burning stoves, we decided that it was time to create a range of economical yet well tested and high quality stoves, so that customers could avoid the dangers of buying unknown stoves.

Our stoves are handpicked from the best manufacturers around the world and offered to you exclusively as part of the Alpine Collection of stoves. Each one of our stoves receive a 100 point quality check to ensure our customers only receive the best and comes with a full warranty backed by Alpine Stoves in the UK. Parts are readily available and we can provide technical help and troubleshooting from a trained expert based in the UK to help with any problems you may experience.

The Alpine Stove brand is a mark of quality and assurance, when you see this mark, you know that the stoves are fully compliant with the latest UK safety regulations and that they are backed by UK based experts. No longer do you need to buy unbranded and possibly dangerous stoves, buy from a brand you can trust, buy an Alpine Stove.