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The Alpine Eiger Featured on Sarah Beeney’s Double Your House for Half the Money

We were delighted to be part of the latest episode of Sarah Beeney’s Double Your House for Half the Money, where our Alpine Eiger was selected to increase the value of the home of Sarah and Jason. There is lots of evidence to show that installing a quality wood burning stove into a house increases the sale value and desirability and it is great to see that this is being championed by a prominent interior designer such as Sarah Beeney and great that she picked one of our range to showcase.

Apline Wood Burning Stove Low Stocks

Due to unprecedented demand this season stocks of Alpine Wood Burning Stoves and currently running low and certain models are already out of stock. This is a temporary situation until the end of October when plenty of new stock will arrive and all models will be back in stock and on sale throughout the UK.

This year has seen a dramatic increase in demand for Alpine Stoves, reflecting the rise in awareness and popularity of this unique collection. We have taken steps to ensure that in future we are able to keep up with demand as we continue to grow our presence and word of mouth spreads.

We apologize to customers for any disappointment over the next few weeks caused by the low stock and thank you for your patience and understanding as we replenish our stocks to cope with the highest demand we have ever experienced.

Environmental Benefits

Alpine wood burning stoves are becoming better in an environmental sense due to no small part of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere being the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth.

It is also a renewable fuel source; this is most effectively so when wood is taken from cultivated woodland. When using your alpine wood burning stove, for the best results, we recommend logs that have been seasoned for 2 years or more. This will give you up to twice the output of freshly chopped timber and help prevent a build-up of tar in your alpine wood burning stoves flue.

Burning wood with advanced Alpine wood burning stoves, a stove that is CE certified makes the flames big and colourful; this makes a huge difference form the dark, ragged flames you would get in an open fireplace.

Not only do the advanced modern alpine wood burning stoves burn much cleaner and more efficiently than older conventional stoves, but the view of the flames are better to boot!

These are some of the benefits of upgrading to CE certified Alpine wood burning stoves, you can save wood (fuel), reduce smoke pollution and enjoy a great view all winter.

Carbon Benefits

The Forestry Commission (recognized by UK government) have begun steps to plant millions of trees to cover an extra targeted 4% of the UK in forest, this equals up to an estimated 29,000 football pitches, they are going to make this a yearly goal to create an increase of 16% the UK’s total land.

A recent study from the Solid Fuel Technology Institute said that logs are in fact the cheapest form of heating fuel. The cost per KW of fuel is now around 4p (estimate). The comparison is 5p for anthracite, 7p for gas, 8p for oil and 12p for electricity. Therefore Alpine wood burning stoves are a great environmental alternative to regular heating solutions.