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Stoves Buyers Guide Part 1

What would You like Your Stove To Do?

Heating up a room in your home or supplying hot water to a room has always been options but people see wood burning stoves as a lifestyle choice as well. Picking a stylish designer stove can transform any living space in your home. Whatever your home styling you live in, either a compact urban townhouse or a country cottage setting, both traditional cast iron and contemporary wood burning stoves work equally well in either home setting.

Clean Glass System

A clean glass burning system offers an unrestricted view of open flames from inside the stove. This is of course very pleasing to the eye and after all, as well as giving you with a practical heating option, a wood burner creates a great ambience as well. Without the Clean Glass system, the glass may blacken and it’s a tricky job to keep clean.

Are they Efficient?

Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves are all highly efficient, most stoves run at up to 87% efficiency, which compared with up to 25% for a traditional open coal fire is a great amount of difference! The most efficient wood burning stoves use something called ‘cleanburn’ technology, this works by introducing pre-heated air into the smoke at the top of the firebox that combusts the hydrocarbons from the smoke, which results in less pollution.

What Are The Latest and greatest Designs?

The styling of modern wood burners are in such a wide variety these days, they include freestanding versions, three-legged models and some that can swivel so you are able to direct the heat where you want. If you’re looking for a traditional, old-style stove in black or a colourfully painted or enamel style are very easy to find, in contrast to their period looks, they’re stuffed with modern technology. Made from cast iron or steel, stoves are super-efficient heaters; look out for eco-friendly versions that burn eco-friendly pellets, or practical boiler stoves that will heat water as well as the room.