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The Olympus Range

The Olympus wood burners and boilers from Alpine stoves are a stylish, sleek, contemporary cast iron stoves and boilers. They boast a great list of features from their designer styling; to the chrome finishing to the large loading door with crystal clear glass viewing panels and the large heat output for their size make them a greatly popular stove range. An amazing design and finished to a high standard.

The physical size of these stoves will make them an impressive addition to any living space and the heat output it produces makes it very usable in large rooms, a great all round stove collection and great prices to go with it.

The Olympus from Alpine stoves is a multi-fuel stove from Alpine, it has an air control below the multi fuel grate which is great for the use of coal and smokeless fuels, this however can be closed as well and the air wash system can be used as the primary air source when you want to traditional logs or other wood.

The Olympus Boiler Stove from Alpine offers the same features and same design as the Olympus Wood Burning Stove. Coming with back boiler so that this stove can also run your hot water system or your central heating, the boiler option gives you the ability to make more use of your Olympus stove from Alpine as a heating device for your house and maximize its heat output. You can use this either as a replacement appliance, or for your existing boiler use alongside it, ask your plumber for further installation details if you can’t find the required information here at Alpine. The Olympus boiler stove from Alpine is a small to medium sized boiler, the offering of heat output to the room its in and to your hot water or heating system.